What Are the Benefits of Using Slate Roofing Tiles?

Known as one of the most beautiful and historic roofing materials, slate is still installed today by slate tile roof services experienced with this attractive and durable material.

Installed for centuries, slate tile roofing contractors still recommend it for homeowners looking for that timeless appearance and its other positives.

Before choosing the same old thing again, slate tile roofing services recommend taking a second look at slate as a roofing material and the many advantages it provides.

  • Longevity - Slate is one of the longest lasting materials that has ever been used to protect a home or other structure. When expertly installed by an experienced slate tile roof service, it can last 150 years or more, making it a true lifetime roof. The only other materials that come close in longevity are ceramic and concrete tiles.
  • Sustainability - The materials installed by slate tile roofing contractors are plentiful and extracted from the earth. There is no shortage of slate, even after centuries of use. 
  • Environmentally-Friendly - Slate is eco-friendly in numerous ways. Its longevity and durability mean it does not have to be replaced by slate tile roof services time and time again as asphalt shingles do. It can be safely disposed of in the earth, which is where it came from, or even recycled in various ways. Slate is also thermal-efficient, absorbing daytime heat without passing it into a building, then releasing it again at night, keeping cooling and heating bills lower. 
  • Fire-Resistant - Properly installed by skilled slate tile roofing contractors, this material is fully fire-resistant, making it an ideal choice for homes in areas prone to wildfires. 
  • Ageless Beauty - Slate tile turns any home into one that could have come out of the pages of history books. A classic roof used in Europe and early America for generations, slate is just as beautiful today.

While it is true that an installation by slate tile roof services do cost more than the average asphalt shingles and are not suitable for all homes, the many benefits they offer tend to outweigh the initial cost faster than expected.

With lower utility bills, insurance discounts due to fire resistance, and durability that makes most repairs unnecessary, slate is a cost-effective roofing choice for a stately home.

Homeowners interested in incredible slate roofing should reach out to a reliable slate tile roof contractor to learn more about this material and whether it is right for them!