Important Info About Roofs For New Home Owners!

Buying your first house is an exciting time.

It’s also a time that roof contractors stress the need to pay attention to details, both before and after the purchase.

Since the roof is the single most important, and expensive component of your house, roofers recommend that you understand what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Only with good care from yourself, and a reputable roof service, can you protect the investment you’ve made in your house from the top down.

Before You Buy - Do Your Own Roof Inspection

One of the significant factors that can affect the price of a house is the condition of the roof, and whether it needs attention from a roof service or not.

Though every house has to pass a general inspection before you can take out a mortgage on it, the roof is one component that it pays to hire your own roofing contractor for.

Doing a pre-sale inspection, an experienced roof contractor will look at everything from the condition of the current roofing materials to the architecture of the roof and whether the support structures are sound.

A roofer will inspect the attic and tell you if there is enough ventilation, whether there is evidence of leaks or mold problems, and give you a heads up on existing, or potential problems.

Since roofing problems are easy to hide from an untrained eye, it is highly recommended that you refer to a professional roofer for this initial inspection so you know what you’re getting beforehand and have a chance to negotiate based on the findings.

After You Buy - Do The Necessary Maintenance

Once you’ve had your roof contractor do a thorough inspection of the roof and you’ve decided to buy the house, taking care of your roof becomes the main priority:

Routine Inspections

The best way to keep track of the condition of your roof and stop any minor issues before they become bigger problems is with an inspection by a trusted roofer every year to two years.

Routine Maintenance

Every roof needs some kind of maintenance no matter how ‘maintenance-free’ it may be, even if it’s only a routine inspection and keeping things clean.

Your roof contractor can tell you what kind of care your installation needs and help you keep up with it.

A lack of maintenance and inspections are a leading cause of homeowners ending up with costly problems that could have been prevented early on if the roof was properly maintained.

Gutter Cleaning

Although cleaning the gutter is a part of the required maintenance for every roof, it’s a part that bears its own mention since it gets overlooked so often.

Roof contractors advise that clogged gutters can cause extensive damage to your roof and your home.

Clean yours out every spring before the storms and every fall after the trees have shed all their leaves, and keep gutters serviceable, and in good condition.

Timely Repairs

Making a call to your roof service sooner, rather than later when you notice a problem could make the difference between a quick, inexpensive repair and one that is much more involved and costly.

Even a small leak indicates a bigger problem somewhere else and can turn into a huge issue if it’s left unrepaired for a long time.

The longevity of your roof depends on addressing issues as soon as you encounter them.

Better yet, keep up with the regular inspections and handle any suggested repairs at that time to prevent small concerns from turning into much bigger ones.

Roof Care An Essential Part of Home Ownership

If you are a new homeowner, you surely have a lot of maintenance ahead of you to keep your new home in great shape.

Among those maintenance jobs, roofers stress the importance of remembering the roof.

Though it can be easy to forget about it, the roof over your head, and your house needs attention, too.

Find a reputable local roof contractor to help you come up with a good maintenance plan and stick to it.

Partnering with a professional roof service is the easiest, and most cost-effective way to get a full life out of your roof so you won’t be paying for a new one too soon!