Insulate Roofs More to Stay Cooler in Summer!

Most people know that roofing insulation is important no matter what kind of roof they have.

Insulated attics, which are a part of the roof system, keep homes warmer by preventing the passage of heat into the attic and through the roof, keeping it contained in the living space.

Yet what many do not realize is that insulation is even more important in the heat of the summer for keeping the house cool.

Yes, cool conditioned air descends and is less likely to escape through the roof; however, that does not prevent hot UV rays from entering through the roofing and heating up the house.

Insulation does present cool air from escaping and a sufficient amount of good insulation that roofers install under the exterior roofing material means the home will be cooler in the summer.

How Does Insulation Keep A Home Cool In The Summer?

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier between what is on either side of it.

What defines a properly insulated attic and what type and how much insulation that roof repair services install will depend on the location of the home, the climate, and the type of material on top of the roof.

In hotter climates with milder winters, the focus is on preventing the passage of UV rays through the roofing and into the home.

What Influence Is Climate on Insulation Needs?

In cooler climates or those with distinct winter and summer seasons, the focus must be shared between keeping out UV rays and preventing home heating from rising up into the attic.

When hot summers are the norm, roofers can make a roof system more energy-efficient by adding more and better radiant barrier insulation right under the decking to prevent the passage of the sun’s heat rays through it and into the attic.

The higher the insulation R-value is, the greater its ability is to reflect UV rays right back off the roof as opposed to allowing them to pass through.

Is It Better to Add More Insulation?

Roofing professionals can use multiple layers of insulation to increase R-value or use more expensive, and more effective insulation, whichever the homeowner prefers.

In either case, the goal is to stop the passage of UV rays so they cannot heat up the attic and eventually, the rest of the house.

Combined with a good, natural attic ventilation system, decking insulation is instrumental in keeping homes comfortably cool and utility bills as low as possible.

Invest in Good Insulation For Roofing!

As ironic as it might seem to some, the hotter it gets outside in the summer, the more roofing insulation a home needs.

High-quality, high R-value insulation installed by a qualified roof repair specialist is a wise investment to keep the attic and house cool as well as protect the entire roofing system against the damage that can happen when there is not enough roof insulation!