Why use shower filter? Why it is recommended?

Most of the peoples already know that drinking water in sufficient amount is one of the necessary part of life, so people uses the filtration method so let water could be safe for drinking but what if we talk about the water that we use for the bath ?It may also be harmful such as drinking water more or less.

What is this mess now?

Most of the time the water we use for showering contains bacteria, Fungus (From the head of the shower) and other germs too. Sometimes it may also contain a layer of chlorine & such other chemicals.


Shower Water may contain such elements that are Harmful to our skin!

Let think sentimentally, showering under disinfecting agents like Chlorine which reduces the bacteria (chemically tested) causes the massive effect on skin biome and due to this many of the skin beneficial bacteria also reduces so many peoples may have massive effects on their skin biomes like irritation, Redness or may be Eczema.

Showering water that contains different chemicals the can cause?

Cancer and other severe diseases can be caused by showing water that contains different types of chemicals when in contact to direct skin or may be by lungs inhalation. There may is always a danger of getting a LIFE time cancer from showing water that contains chlorine as compared to drink such kind of water.


Chlorine vs. Chloramines.

If we compare to chlorine with Chloramines then we can say that Chloramines may be the most harmful agent. Now, what is Chloramines?

It is the mixture of ammonia and Chlorine. It can cause more damage to our skin rather than chlorine some shower filters can kill the chlorines but they are unable to kill these Chloramines.


So when you want to purchase a shower filter go and do research first then chose which filter can kill the both of chemical agents.

Types of shower filter.

In real there are many types of shower filters which can kill the both chlorines and chloramines as well here we discussed some of the filters that I personally recommend you because I ‘ve used them.

1.Vitamin C showering water filter.

One of the best choice among these filters is Vitamin C water filter because they react with both chlorine and chloramines agent and reduces their harmful actions.


2.The Carbon showering water filter.

The carbon filters can be effective to remove the chlorine but they don’t remove the chloramines and in hot or warm water they are not much effective so it is not recommended by me to use these kinds of filters I wrote this here just for clarification of different types of filters.

3.The last but not the least KDF filters.

Another type of filter which is cost effective or budget friendly but like carbon filter this filter also unable to kill the chloramines these filters are works effectively with chlorines and can reduce the harmful agents in water from my opinion they can be used where no chloramines are used in water supply.

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