Winter is Here – Can Roofers Still Repair My Roof?

Winter is the slow season for many outdoor jobs, including roofing services.

Though the reason might seem obvious, because who likes working in the cold, there are some less obvious reasons why roofers leave their bigger jobs for the warm weather, too.

This does not mean that roof work cannot be done in winter; however, certain roofing repairs can be done at any time, but other jobs should wait a few months for more desirable conditions.

Winter Roofing Services in Georgia - Pros

If you are planning a roofing replacement in Georgia, there are two points to consider about whether or not to do it over the winter.

On the upside, roofers can usually handle new jobs without much of a delay since winter is technically their off season.

This is especially great if you need roofing services work done to a roof that is not affected by the outside temperature, like a metal roof.

Winter Roofing Services in Georgia - Cons

On the downside, the colder it is outside, the more difficult it may be to complete some jobs if the roofing materials are affected by the cold, as shingles would be.

Cold temperatures can cause shingles to stiffen and crack when roofers install them, reduce the effectiveness of the shingle adhesives and cause other materials-related problems.

For this reason, many roofing materials come with guidelines that recommend not to install them once the outside temperature has gone below a certain level, specifically to avoid these problems.

To be sure a new shingle roof can be put on without issue, a brand new roofing replacement is best done when the temperature is at least 40 degrees or more for metal, tile, and certain other installations.

Call Roofers When You Need Help in Any Season

That said, it is still possible to have many roofing repairs made in winter when necessary.

Whether your roofer waits for a day when the sun is shining brightly and warming up the roof or they put on a temporary repair until the days get a little warmer, you should never avoid calling someone when you discover a problem with your roof.

Depending on your roof type, the materials needed, and the problem that requires attention, your roofing service can determine the best way to address the problem.

Winter Roofing Can Be Done!

Handled appropriately by taking materials, extent of roofing repairs required, and outside temperature all into account to decide on the best plan, your roofing needs can be expertly handled during the winter.

And if a new roof is what you want or need, an experienced roofer will tell you honestly whether they can do it over the winter or if they recommend waiting a few weeks for the cold snap to pass.